probitas store

New Brand. Same Message.
Probitas Promotions is a leader in company apparel in North Dakota. They wanted to get even better. They needed a custom solution to provide high quality sub-stores to their clients so that they could increase their own revenue while providing a professional, quality site to their clients. This site needed to be PCI Compliant with a SSL Certificate. While this needed to be custom, it had to be easy to setup for each of the different salespeople that would be working in creating stores.

We we were able to create a solution where, after creating one site for the customer, it was able to be duplicated into as many sites as they needed. From here, they were able to customize the site to meet the needs of their customers including uploading specific products for each e-commerce store. We added custom features allowing Probitas to export their orders into an excel document.

Website Design

System development

Ongoing Support