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Marketing takes time. Lots of it. So, let’s start building a plan that best uses our time and sends the best message to our customers.

You have to eat fat to lose fat

you have to eat fat to lose fat Jonathan Starr 28 Feb, 2018 So, yeah…I guess it’s true. You have to eat fat to lose fat. Lately it seems that I have been focusing more on the eating fat part and less on the losing fat part. But, it is an interesting concept. Many...

New Year, Same Me

New Year, Same Me Jonathan Starr 4 January, 2018 Well…that sounds lame. Around the turn of the year, it seems like one of the things you can count on is individuals saying “New Year, New Me”. The beginning of the year seems as an opportunity for them to declare that...

5 Tips for and Effective Social Media Game

5 Tips for an Effective Social Media Game Jonathan Starr 22 May, 2017 While it would nearly be impossible to cover the whole of social media management and marketing in 5 tips, our goal with this blog is to provide you valuable information on how you can quickly and...

What We Are Up to…

What We Are Up To... Jonathan Starr 10 NOVEMBER, 2016 It has been awhile since the last blog post, sorry about that. I wanted to give a little update on what we have been working on. It is not nothing as it seems. A little while I announced to a segregated part of my...

The Ultimate Analytics

Ready to step up your analytics game to be above the rest? Check out this great breakdown of what you should be using.

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